T2000 System Software Patch T2000 System Software Patch

Revision Category Patch ID MD5 hash data File Size Release Date Contents Customer
R4.06_01 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_01_x64- 42aef21a161ca9400b049d25370c41d7 7.90 MB 2022/5/24 Readme  
R4.06_01 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_01_x64- 879576e0986db12ccdec3ce2c77af6ba 7.53 MB 2022/2/2 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- d9e114dadc6a6f935f53158478e2c7d0 119 MB 2022/8/4 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- a7b7bab07d4d21408b1b32371c0e6a2e 119 MB 2022/4/28 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- ee1c84d0f83ee517e8a40b8b8d58f07d 119 MB 2022/02/16 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- 71b599cb9129d02af1b7baa2643b4bcd 119 MB 2021/11/08 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- 3037e86a3f3960ef4676912d3e8d1271 115 MB 2021/10/14 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- 28009456e10bb0a009c78a3e8fafb404 100 MB 2021/09/30 Readme  
R4.06_00 TSS TSSPTH-TSS-R4.06_00_x64- 23746eddd659c8bc5176039871be10a6 52.4 MB 2021/07/16 Readme  
R4.06_00 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.06_00_x64- 1e5cf8c3d69180f61b49b7c898d7e560 13.4 MB 2021/11/17 Readme  
R4.05_01 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.05_01_x64- 6c44f2ba8eac2325a795bd313b1317a4 11.0 MB 2021/11/16 Readme  
R4.04_05 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_05_x64-4.4.502.0001 e4e43387840c66f4a8c2e0acb0356e69 9.22 MB 2021/07/26 Readme  
R4.04_03-4 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_03-4_x64-4.4.304.0010 0c3a1d5c30fa035c5bd8f3dca2fbbab5 11.0 MB 2022/04/28 Readme  
R4.04_03 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_03_x64-4.4.305.0001 bbe647b387988ce5b2282c25982f942c 9.30 MB 2021/12/21 Readme  
R4.04_02 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_02_x64- df15890c5fa77300f14ddeae94ad9327 9.21 MB 2022/1/26 Readme  
R4.04_01 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_01_x64- 3a3f22fe64fc5f4da84a0b44817665a8 9.3 MB 2021/11/17 Readme  
R4.04_01 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.04_01_x64- 4d6b237c77b0f7c39a9c622368e3d385 8.06 MB 2021/09/28 Readme  
R4.03_00 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.03_00_x64- c425a6d0996a7638462ab3c043c0c1db 12.3 MB 2021/12/22 Readme  
R4.01_00-1 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.01_00-1_x64- f04550282709df22b44b77da8a173c1b 11.4 MB 2022/07/11 Readme  
R4.01_00-1 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.01_00-1_x64- 76901ad1d7833f1653f973201f1b5c3d 8.75 MB 2021/11/19 Readme  
R4.01_00 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.01_00_x64- dcd8292386105eda9bab03f087f84f14 10.4 MB 2021/11/24 Readme  
R4.01_00 CD TSSPTH-CD-R4.01_00_x64- 14e1e68d4605e064839087b11e1cb666 10.4 MB 2021/09/24 Readme  
R3.07_03-4 CD TSSPTH-CD-R3.07_03-4_x64-3.7.308.0001 dd9c6dd3c3e2f7c3a685d894a830e38e 8.75 MB 2021/11/29 Readme  
R3.07_03-4 CD TSSPTH-CD-R3.07_03-4_x64-3.7.307.0001 4e42eee795fd265342345b7aeaa59433 8.75 MB 2021/10/06 Readme  
R3.07_03 CD TSSPTH-CD-R3.07_03_x64-3.7.300.0022 7cc64d7846242c1b23743d13a01702af 14.0 MB 2021/12/22 Readme  
R3.06_00-3 CD TSSPTH-CD-R3.06_00-3_x64- b78de8f91b8ef2fa41cdf99cfece4306 12.6 MB 2021/11/29 Readme  

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