T6391 System Software Patch T6391 System Software Patch

Revision Category Patch ID MD5 hash data File Size Release Date Contents Customer
R2.04_00 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.04_00_x64- 409cdacbf3e10bf02310f3477090e9d7 22.0 MB 2022/12/22 Readme  
R2.04_00 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.04_00_x64- d1a98841d3f534809e37c306805cfc7e 8.41 MB 2022/1/24 Readme  
R2.04_00 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.04_00- 61df90f43236d3aa153c572de6cd6b57 16.5 MB 2022/9/9 Readme  
R2.04_00 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.04_00- 6262ec68e33961b69a04d6804ecae414 16.5 MB 2022/8/15 Readme  
R2.04_00 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.04_00- 11aacfab2bf37ddbd4184865b78fd088 12.0 MB 2022/2/8 Readme  
R2.03_00 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.03_00_x64- 8ecb58e3454a86ef6e2c4b67bfaffc2c 8.4 MB 2021/12/15 Readme  
R2.03_00 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.03_00- 7fb830ac10147fc34414d17033549238 12.1 MB 2021/08/06 Readme  
R2.02_00 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.02_00_x64- 846729470db7ba538e77612bf7dd52ee 21.0 MB 2023/02/08 Readme  
R2.02_00 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.02_00- 46acdce99245b59459ade62497fc7307 12.1 MB 2021/08/06 Readme  
R2.01_00-4 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.01_00-4_x64- 29b8aedeb337c39de84c16626452d910 21.0 MB 2023/01/30 Readme  
R2.01_00-2 TSS T6SPTH-TSS-R2.01_00-2_x64- a972f69f92e349b3bdb25b6f4260891e 21.0 MB 2023/02/02 Readme  
R2.01_00-2 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.01_00-2- 81f9c5d832402e601b3a03cfbffb13a5 12.0 MB 2021/07/26 Readme  
R2.00_00-1 CD T6SPTH-CD-R2.00_00-1- 3b67a1dd5c4ba27b902d3e24aba7046d 13.3 MB 2021/08/20 Readme  
R1.09_01 CD T6SPTH-CD-R1.09_01- e4df0eed6b97cb3841888ea1d83f7d12 13.2 MB 2021/07/26 Readme  
R1.07_01 CD T6SPTH-CD-R1.07_01- 97b419bc82b7c565292bcdbc97aed1eb 13.2 MB 2021/08/20 Readme  

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