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Integrated Annual Report 2020

Advantest has published our Integrated Annual Report 2020. In addition to financial information, the report includes non-financial information on our Grand Design, vision, strategy, results, governance, and sustainability. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of our corporate value and prospects for medium- to long-term growth.

Integrated Annual Report
Integrated Annual Report
  • Online Event "LIFE. ON." Now Live

    Advantest is holding an online event that beautifully expresses the diverse roles that semiconductors play in every part of our lives, and the value of the test technology that supports semiconductor quality and reliability. Anytime, anywhere, everyone ... LIFE.ON.

  • STMicroelectronics and Advantest Collaborate on Advanced Automated Test Cell

    ST Test Cell Controller (STCC) software manages work-in-process and equipment activity across the factory floor, and controls test systems, handlers, and Autonomous Robotic Vehicles (ARVs) that are programmed to move trays of devices, enabling fully automatic, unmanned test processes.

  • Advantest Debuts Two New Advantest Cloud Solutions

    The new solutions collect data generated from customer workflows and analyze processes from semiconductor design validation to manufacturing, chip test, and system-level test, helping customers achieve faster time-to-yield with higher overall equipment efficiency.