No.38 (May, 2012) No.38 (May, 2012)

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Technical Paper

Electro-optic and dielectric characterization of ferroelectric films for high-speed optical waveguide modulators
Advantest Laboratories Co.,Ltd. Shin Masuda and others
Real-Time Testing Method for 16 Gbps 4-PAM Signal Interface
Advantest Laboratories Co.,Ltd. Shin Masuda and others

Technical Description

Visualization of Handler statistics data - The Way of user-oriented GUI -
FA Product Development Department HS Development Section 1 Yuichi Nansai
Dedicated Nand Flash Memory Tester Technology With New Concept
ATE System Development Group 8th R&D Department Masahiko Yamabe
Development of an ATE Test Cell for At-Speed Characterization and Production Testing
Advantest Europe GmbH José Moreira


Analysis Case Using Cross Domain AnalyzerTM
RF Measuring Unit Business DivisionDevelopment Department, 1st Development Minoru Iida and others