No.40 (August, 2013) No.40 (August, 2013)

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Technical Paper

8Gbps CMOS Pin Electronics Hardware Macro with Simultaneous Bi-directional Capability
Technology Development Group 5th R&D Department FT Technology R&D Section Shoji Kojima and others
RNA: Advanced Phase Tracking Method for Digital Waveform Reconstruction
System Solution Group SoC System Engineering COE(Center Of Expertise) Hideo Okawara
Development of high-power pulsed fiber lasers
Advantest Laboratories Ltd. Naoya Tsukahara and others
The resonance adjustment methods for magnetically coupled resonance wireless power transfer
New Business Enabling Division WiPS Project Yuki Endo and others


ECOTsTM the Evolutionary Factory Automation tool
Common Solution, System Solution Group Application & Tool Katsuya Takano and others
High Efficiency Massive Parallel Test Capability of T2000 Integrated Massive Parallel test solution
SoC Test Business Group 2nd R&D Department PFA Section Koji Hara


Addressing the Challenges of 3D IC Package Handling for Automated Test
Director, Handling Systems, Advantest America, Inc. Zain Abadin