No.43 (January, 2015) No.43 (January, 2015)

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Technical Paper

A 10MHz-12GHz low-distortion high-speed SP4T switch using GaN HEMTs with oxynitride TaON passivation
Advantest Laboratories Co.,Ltd. Shin Masuda and others
Development DC test technology with high additional value adopting digital controlled technology
Technology Development Group 3rd R&D Department DC Core Engineering Section Takahiko Shimizu
Static/Dynamic Characteristics Testing for capacitive Acceleration Sensor MEMS
ASD Test & Measurement System Business Group Shinichi Kimura
Advanced Method to Refine Waveform Smeared by Jitter in Waveform Sampler Measurement
Former System Solution Group Hideo Okawara


High-precision measurement technology for the terahertz wave power
Terahertz System Business Division System R&D Department Technology Development and SE Section Shigeki Nishina