No.46 (June, 2016) No.46 (June, 2016)

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Technical Paper

A 10 MHz - 6 GHz High Power High Linearity 35 dB Digital Step Attenuator MMIC Using GaN HEMTs with TaON Passivation
Advantest Laboratories, Ltd., G Project Takahiro Tsushima others
A Technique for Analyzing On-chip Power Supply Impedance
Technology Development Group 5th R&D Department FT Technology R&D Section 2 Masahiro Ishida others


Method of device power regulation by PRM™ (Power Regulation Module)
System Solution Group Memory System Engineering Masataka Onozawa others
High speed Linearity Measurement for 14bit ADC by High Speed Linear Ramp generator on EVA100
ASD T&M Marketing Department Go Utamaru