No.53 (January, 2020) No.53 (January, 2020)

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Technical Paper

A Review of Combiner/Divider PCB Design Topologies For 5G and WiGig ATE Applications
Giovanni Bianchi, Advantest Europe GmbH and others
A Jitter Injection Module for Production Test of 52-Gbps PAM4 Signal Interfaces
Kiyotaka Ichiyama, FT Technology R&D Section 2, 5th R&D Department, Technology Development Division, Technology Development Group, ATE Business Group and others
Magnetocardiography measurements by using active magnetic canceller
Yuji Ogata, Advantest Laboratories Ltd. and others


Mass production technology of MEMS sensor with ATE
Minoru Saito, A&P Section 2, T2000 SE Department, System Solution Division Sales Group