No.55 (December, 2020) No.55 (December, 2020)

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Technical Paper

Photonic integration based on a ferroelectric thin-film platform
Advantest Laboratories, Ltd. Shunsuke Abe others
A novel memory test system with an electromagnet for STT-MRAM testing
Sales Group, System Solution Division, Memory SE Department, GMS Section Ryo Tamura others
Development of digital controlled technology for high voltage DC testing
ATE Business Group, Technology Development Group, Technology Development Division, 8th R&D Department, DC Core Engineering Section Takahiko Shimizu others
Metrology at Automated Test Equipment Manufacturers
Advantest Europe GmbH ATE Business Group 93000 Business Unit Piotr Skwierawski others

Technical Description

Development of an Air-Cooling Active Thermal Control Function for M4841
DH Business Group, DH Development Division, DT Development Department, Advanced Technology Development Section Yuya Yamada others
Development of a CMOS Image Sensor Capture Module for MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY
ATE Business Group, T2000 Business Unit, ADT Product Unit, ADT Development Department, ISD Development Section Yuji Ariyama


Generation of C-PHY signals and UI jitter with 8GDM
Sales Group System Solution Division T2000 SE Department CIS Section Kengo Suzuki