No.57 (January, 2022) No.57 (January, 2022)

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Technical Paper

A Calibration Technique for Simultaneous Estimation of Actual Sensing Matrix Coefficients on Modulated Wideband Converters
Systems Design Lab, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo Zolboo Byambadorj others
High-speed measurement of Piezoelectric MEMS equivalent circuit parameters by Swept-sine and PRBS signals
A&P Section 3, T2000 SE Department, System Solution Division, Sales Group Mitsuo Matsumoto others
Over-the-Air (OTA) Test Socket and Handler Integration Technology for 5G Mass Production Testing
Advanced Technology Development Section, DT Development Department, DH Development Division, DH Business Group Natsuki Shiota others


An MCU+Wi-Fi (802.11n) EVM measurement method with correction of IQ skew imbalance
ADC, 93000 SE Department, System Solution Division, Sales Group Nobuhiro Shimizu others