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Technical Paper

Open-short Normalization Method for a Quick Defect Identification in Branched Traces with High-resolution Time-domain Reflectometry

Author Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Sales & Marketing Department Yang Shang others
Summary Time-domain reflectometry (TDR) that employs electro-optical sampling affords excellent resolution at the femtosecond level and exhibits a comprehensible impulse waveform, thereby allowing quick defect identification in a single trace. However, it remains challenging to identify a defect in a trace of multiple branches; the TDR waveform is complex. Generally, the TDR waveform of a defective unit features defect-dependent reflection (DDR) and defect-independent reflection (DIR). DDR is contributed by a branch with the defect; DIR is contributed by the remaining good branches. The DDR (not the DIR) is required to analyze the defect; however, the DIR tends to overwhelm the waveform, rendering interpretation difficult. In this work, we use an open-short normalization (OSN) method to eliminate the DIR. The resulting DDR immediately identifies the defect location and type. The OSN method was verified using both simulation and measurements.
Key Words high-resolution, TDR, open-short normalization, branches, defect identification, defect-dependent reflection (DDR), defect-independent reflection (DIR)

GaN 8Gbps High-Speed Relay MMIC for Automated Test Equipment

Author Advantest Laboratories Co., Ltd. Satoshi Koyama others
Summary An 8 Gbps high-speed relay MMIC for an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) using a gallium nitride is developed and evaluated. Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor structure with a tantalum oxynitride is employed to reduce a leakage current for ATE applications. The fabricated MMIC shows 0.3 nA of the leakage current, 12 GHz of a -3 dB bandwidth, and excellent eye-opening of 8 Gbps signals with a 18-leads QFN package. The MMIC has 2.0 x 2.4 mm of package size and achieves higher channel density than an existing photo relay generally applied in ATE.
Key Words Gallium Nitride, MIS-HEMT, RF Switch, Automated Test Equipment

Technical Description

The development of front-end module for 5G millimeter-wave device testing

Author MMW R&D Section, 9th R&D Department, Technology Development Division, Technology Development Group, ATE Business Group Takahiro Kudo others
Summary This article describes the development of a front-end module for 5G millimeter-wave device testing. 5G millimeter-wave is planned to be used up to the 53 GHz band. Our challenges are to optimize the performance of our test system up to that frequency band including wide power range of EVM performance, and to add a new one-port S-Parameter measurement function. We describe the elemental technologies to solve them.
Key Words Not Specified


Development / mass production TAT shortening method through emulation of image sensor device

Author CIS Section, T2000 SE Department, System Solution Division, Sales Group Takehisa Yoda others
Summary With the release of the T2000 4.8Gbps Image CAPture module(4.8GICAP), it has become possible to capture image data from CMOS image sensor (CIS) devices equipped with the high-speed interface of MIPI D-PHY / C-PHY. If FAIL occurs frequently when measuring a device using a high-speed interface, it is difficult to identify the problem with the device, measurement environment, or test program. It takes time to identify the problem, but the TAT period for product releases is getting shorter. To proceed with the development of the test environment even in such a situation, we restored the image data captured by the capture module such as 4.8GICAP as a packet and built a unique test development environment that emulates the CIS device with the T2000 8Gbps Digital Module (8GDM) pattern.
Key Words Not Specified