TS9000 Series TDR Option TS9000 Series TDR Option

The system accurately analyzes the wiring quality of various leading-edge semiconductor packages such as Flip Chip BGA, wafer level packages, and 2.5D/3D ICs using terahertz technology. It is a TDR analysis system that has the world’s top-class signal quality.


TS9001 TDR system

Can be connected to various kinds of probers!

It can be connected to a radio-frequency probing system that you own or have selected, providing flexible solutions that match your device shape and fault analysis environment.

Example of the system configuration

TS9000 series TDR option

An automatic probing mechanism is included as a standard feature!

A probe station is included as a standard feature, which allows the automatic probing of pad coordinates with a measurement distance of up to 300 mm.

System configuration