Terahertz Spectroscopic System TAS7400


Low-cost, multi-purpose terahertz spectroscopic system to meet diverse applications


The TAS7400 product line offers a series of low-cost, all-purpose spectroscopic systems that enable spectroscopic measurements using terahertz (THz) waves. The tools are capable of performing non-destructive analysis on a wide variety of sample types, making it applicable to a broad range of fields from life sciences to electronics, where precise chemical and material characterization is critical. The systems are ideal for settings ranging from basic research to product development, as well as for manufacturing and quality control, and employ easy-to-use spectroscopic methods that do not require specialized knowledge of THz wave generation or optics.

  • Low-cost, all-purpose THz spectroscopic system offers superior spectroscopic performance
  • Compact desktop form factor
  • THz spectroscopic analysis in a range of frequencies (0.03–7 THz)
  • Transmission, reflectance, ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection), and transmission polarization measurement modes support spectroscopic analysis of a wide variety of materials
  • Dry air filter unit attached, so that measurements will be unaffected by water vapor absorption
  • A full range of holders and cells to handle aqueous solutions, powders, and other types of samples