No.39 (February, 2013) No.39 (February, 2013)

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Technical Paper

VPCS "Vacuum probe contact system"
New Concept Product Initiative NPX ProjectTakashi Naito others
Elegant Construction of SSC Implemented Signal by AWG And Organized Under-sampling of Wideband Signal
System Solution Group SoC System Engineering COE(Center Of Expertise) Hideo Okawara

Technical Description

Development of termination voltage amplifier for 10Gbps CML PE-Driver
Technology Development Group 3rd R&D Department Masashi Watanabe and others
Development of wide band range, High-density and High-speed Transmission Connector for HIFIX
DI Business Division DI R&D Department Hirotaka Wagata
Low COT Tester Technology for Memory Core Testing
Memory Test Business Group 7th R&D Department Masaru Doi


Test technology of IGBT on T2000
System Solution Group SoC System Engineering Solution Development Hideo Yasuda
The performance of T5511 Timing-Training hardware
System Solution Group Memory System Engineering Global Operation Yuiko Ushirogi
Test Technology Enabling Multiple-Device Parallel Testing of Motion Sensors
Advantest Kyushu Systems Co., Ltd. Junichi Hikosaka and others