No.47 (Jan, 2017) No.47 (Jan, 2017)

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Technical Paper

Known-Good-Die Test Methods for Large, Thin, High-Power Digital Devices
Advantest, Inc. San Jose, CA, USA Dave Armstrong others
Modeling of contact resistance at very small contact point
Advantest Laboratories Ltd. Takeshi Tanaka others


ADC Linearity Measurement by Using Servo Method on the EVA100
ASD Test & Measurement System Business Group ASD Measurement System R&D Department Application R&D Section Hiroaki Kato
High Speed and high precision ADC tests using the High Frequency AWG/DGT module of the EVA100 test system
Technology Development Group 9th R&D Department Yasuhide Kuramochi other
High-Density LSI Failure Analysis Technology using an Ultra-High Resolution TDR System
Terahertz System Business Division System R&D Department System R&D Section Masaichi Hashimoto other