No.49 (February, 2018) No.49 (February, 2018)

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Technical Paper

A New Method for Measuring Alias-Free Aperture Jitter in an ADC Output
Advantest Laboratories Ltd. Takahiro Yamaguchi others
Fundamentals of quadrature modulation-demodulation and signal analysis
Technology Development Group 10th R&D Department Algorithm R&D Section Koji Asami
A Jitter Separation and BER Estimation Method for Asymmetric Total Jitter Distributions
Technology Development Group 5th R&D Department FT Technology R&D Section 2 Kiyotaka Ichiyama others


Jitter Measurement Using a V93000 Time Measurement Unit (TMU) and Taking into Account the Jitter Transfer Function
Sales Group System Solution Division 2nd SoC System Engineering SoC SE3 Takashi Iino others
High accuracy EPE measurement & Lithography Simulation capability for ILT mask
Nanotechnology Business Group Second Product Development Department Software Development Section Satoru Kondo others