Evolutionary Value Added Measurement System


In recent years the number of smart devices we use has increased significantly. The role of the analog / sensor IC has become critically important not only in the smart society but also in other fields. More than ever, higher performance, tighter accuracy and longer reliability are required for those devices. To address these challenges measurement systems need to have many features while maintaining a very low test cost and engineers tasked with developing test programs require very good coding skills plus in-depth operation knowledge of the test system.

The new highly integrated measurement system "EVA100" is supporting Power Supplies, SMU( 4 quadrant DC Signal Measurement Units ), Pattern Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digitizers and Oscilloscopes necessary for complete analog / mixed-signal / sensor / digital IC devices and Modules including Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for automotive evaluation and measurement.This new measurement system allows engineers quickly to build their own measurement environment without combining several standalone instruments.

The EVA100 Software GUI is extremely intuitive, requiring only drag & drop operation, enabling engineers to create device focused measurement set ups in a very fast and simple manner. Automatic report functions dramatically improve the efficiency of deskwork, providing clear documentation and data ready for publishing in device data sheets.


This new measurement system EVA100 that "Can do what you want, quickly" for the characterization, functional evaluation and mass production evaluations of low pin count analog(*1), mixed signal(*2) and Digital IC(*3) devices.

(∗1): DC-DC Converter or Voltage regulator ICs

(∗2): AD Converter DA Converter ICs

(∗3): MCU or Standard Logic ICs, DFT Test


All necessary functions are integrated into the compact body which has VI sources, Digital and Signal Capture.
Testing Units
Digital Unit: 220mm (W) × 472mm (D) × 206mm (H)
Analog Unit: 363mm (W) × 472mm (D) × 206mm (H)

High Performance

The Event Master Sequencer (EMS) controls the hardware with high timing accuracy and high precision enabling superior repeatability. Analog VI source, General Control Module and Signal Capture instruments provide versatile and comprehensive measurement capability.


No programming language environment offers very intuitive operation for users, so that everyone from the beginner to expert is able to use the system quickly. Automatic report generation tools reduce the need for additional deskwork, improving the efficiency of evaluation and measurement tasks dramatically.


Stackable Testing Unit architecture supports many scenarios from design to production for analog and Mixed Signal devices.
Supporting external instruments, customized measurement systems can also be created according to more specific requirements and needs.

Support characterization, functional evaluation and mass production evaluations efficiently.