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Title No.
A Calibration Technique for Simultaneous Estimation of Actual Sensing Matrix Coefficients on Modulated Wideband Converters No.57
Study of spatial filter for magnetocardiography measurements without a magnetically shielded room No.56
Photonic integration based on a ferroelectric thin-film platform No.55
A 40 GHz Linear Driver Amplifier for Optical ATE using GaN HEMT with InGaN Back Barrier No.54
Ultra-Wideband Modulation Signal Measurement Using Local Sweep Digitizing Method No.54
Estimation of fogging effect in E-Beam direct writer for photonic crystal pattern No.54
Magnetocardiography measurements by using active magnetic canceller No.53
High-resolution Time-domain Reflectometry Analysis in Back-end-of-line (BEOL) by Recursive Circuit Modelling No.52
Drain-induced barrier lowering in normally-off AlGaN-GaN MOSFETs with singleor double-recess overlapped gate No.51
Photonic Integrated Circuit Using Lanthanum-Modified Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films No.50
Lensless high-resolution photoacoustic imaging scanner for in vivo skin imaging No.50
Proposal for adjustment/inspection of current sensors using an EVA100 magnetism application system No.50
Fundamentals of quadrature modulation-demodulation and signal analysis No.49
High accuracy EPE measurement & Lithography Simulation capability for ILT mask No.49
Modeling of contact resistance at very small contact point No.47
High-Density LSI Failure Analysis Technology using an Ultra-High Resolution TDR System No.47
Three dimensional profile measurement using multi-channel detector MVM-SEM No.44
High-precision measurement technology for the terahertz wave power No.43
Real-time photoacoustic imaging system for clinical burn diagnosis No.41
A slim column cell of 12nm resolution for wider application of E-beam lithography No.41
High aspect wiring by the inkjet No.41
Tablet coating evaluation technique and analysis examples in the pharmaceutical industry using terahertz wave No.41
Development of high-power pulsed fiber lasers No.40
The resonance adjustment methods for magnetically coupled resonance wireless power transfer No.40
Electro-optic and dielectric characterization of ferroelectric films for high-speed optical waveguide modulators No.38
Visualization of Handler statistics data - The Way of user-oriented GUI - No.38