Semiconductor testing Semiconductor testing

Title No.
Open-short Normalization Method for a Quick Defect Identification in Branched Traces with High-resolution Time-domain Reflectometry No.58
GaN 8Gbps High-Speed Relay MMIC for Automated Test Equipment No.58
The development of front-end module for 5G millimeter-wave device testing No.58
Development / mass production TAT shortening method through emulation of image sensor device No.58
High-speed measurement of Piezoelectric MEMS equivalent circuit parameters by Swept-sine and PRBS signals No.57
Over-the-Air (OTA) Test Socket and Handler Integration Technology for 5G Mass Production Testing No.57
An MCU+Wi-Fi (802.11n) EVM measurement method with correction of IQ skew imbalance No.57
Development of High Voltage General-purpose Pin-Electronics No.56
High-speed Image Processing by GPU No.56
A novel memory test system with an electromagnet for STT-MRAM testing No.55
Development of digital controlled technology for high voltage DC testing No.55
Metrology at Automated Test Equipment Manufacturers No.55
Development of an Air-Cooling Active Thermal Control Function for M4841 No.55
Development of a CMOS Image Sensor Capture Module for MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY No.55
Generation of C-PHY signals and UI jitter with 8GDM No.55
Mass Production Program Automatic Optimization No.54
A Review of Combiner/Divider PCB Design Topologies For 5G and WiGig ATE Applications No.53
A Jitter Injection Module for Production Test of 52-Gbps PAM4 Signal Interfaces No.53
Mass production technology of MEMS sensor with ATE No.53
Test cell solution for reducing thermal spikes in semiconductor device testing No.52
Verizon 5G: Test challenges for next generation of mmWave communications using V93000 WaveScale RF No.52
Test Time Analysis & Optimization on SmarTest8 No.52
Development of high-voltage, high-current floating module with a maximum of 320 V and 18 channels No.52
A Stressed Eye Testing Module for Production Test of 30-Gbps NRZ Signal Interfaces No.51
Accurate error bit mode analysis of STT-MRAM chip with a novel current measurement module implemented to gigabit class memory test system No.51
New Thermal Technology for a New Burn-in Test System No.51
T2000 IPS + GPWGD: a Measurement Technique with Ultra-High Dynamic Range for Hi-Res Audio No.51
Delay Fault Testing Using CloudTesting™ Services No.50
A multiple simultaneous measurement technique for UHF tag RF I/F using a digital module No.50
A New Method for Measuring Alias-Free Aperture Jitter in an ADC Output No.49
A Jitter Separation and BER Estimation Method for Asymmetric Total Jitter Distributions No.49
Jitter Measurement Using a V93000 Time Measurement Unit (TMU) and Taking into Account the Jitter Transfer Function No.49
Novel Crosstalk Evaluation Method for High-Density Signal Traces Using Clock Waveform Conversion Technique. No.48
Power Supply Impedance Emulation to Eliminate Overkills and Underkills due to the Impedance Difference between ATE and Customer Board No.48
An Optical Interconnection Test Method Applicable to 100-Gb/s Transceivers using an ATE based Hardware No.48
The elemental technologies for multi-site test of RF IC by V93000 No.48
M4871/72 temperature control solution for High-Power Device No.48
Known-Good-Die Test Methods for Large, Thin, High-Power Digital Devices No.47
ADC Linearity Measurement by Using Servo Method on the EVA100 No.47
High Speed and high precision ADC tests using the High Frequency AWG/DGT module of the EVA100 test system No.47
A Technique for Analyzing On-chip Power Supply Impedance No.46
Method of device power regulation by PRM™ (Power Regulation Module) No.46
High speed Linearity Measurement for 14bit ADC by High Speed Linear Ramp generator on EVA100 No.46
Development of optical functional devices using epitaxially grown lanthanum-modified lead zirconate titanate films No.45
An ATE System for Testing 2.4-GHz RF Digital Communication Devices with QAM Signal Interfaces No.45
Development of high accuracy vision alignment function for the test handler No.45
Test Program Generation Environment for Analog Device Test on T2000. No.45
Statistical Silicon Results of Dynamic Power Integrity Control of ATE for Eliminating Overkills and Underkills No.44
An ATE Based 32 Gbaud PAM-4 At-Speed Characterization and Testing Solution No.44
Embodiment of Efficient Test Program Development Environment in T2000 No.44
Development of Device Interface and Probe Card for Image Sensor Tests to achieve 3Gbps Data Transmission No.44
Development DC test technology with high additional value adopting digital controlled technology No.43
Advanced Method to Refine Waveform Smeared by Jitter in Waveform Sampler Measurement No.43
30-Gb/s Optical and Electrical Test Solution for High-Volume Testing No.42
A New Method for Off-Chip or On-Die Timing Noise Measurement No.42
Time to Market Reduction from Pre-/Post-Silicon Verification to Production on ATE No.42
Why Next-Generation NAND Flash Requires a Dedicated Test Solution No.42
Power Integrity Control of ATE for Emulating Power Supply Fluctuations on Customer Environment No.41
Low Cost Test Method for RF Communication Devices Using Equivalent EVM Approach No.41
Test technology of CMOS image sensor device No.41
Multi-Domain Test - A New Test Strategy to Reduce the Cost of Test No.41
8Gbps CMOS Pin Electronics Hardware Macro with Simultaneous Bi-directional Capability No.40
RNA: Advanced Phase Tracking Method for Digital Waveform Reconstruction No.40
ECOTsTM the Evolutionary Factory Automation tool No.40
High Efficiency Massive Parallel Test Capability of T2000 Integrated Massive Parallel test solution No.40
Addressing the Challenges of 3D IC Package Handling for Automated Test No.40
VPCS "Vacuum probe contact system" No.39
Elegant Construction of SSC Implemented Signal by AWG And Organized Under-sampling of Wideband Signal No.39
Development of termination voltage amplifier for 10Gbps CML PE-Driver No.39
Development of wide band range, High-density and High-speed Transmission Connector for HIFIX No.39
Low COT Tester Technology for Memory Core Testing No.39
Test technology of IGBT on T2000 No.39
The performance of T5511 Timing-Training hardware No.39
Test Technology Enabling Multiple-Device Parallel Testing of Motion Sensors No.39
Real-Time Testing Method for 16 Gbps 4-PAM Signal Interface No.38
Dedicated Nand Flash Memory Tester Technology With New Concept No.38
Development of an ATE Test Cell for At-Speed Characterization and Production Testing No.38